Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can people adopt your animals?

When Pegasus Animal Sanctuary commits to taking an animal into our care we commit to lifelong care of that animal. We want the animals we care for to know safety and security for the rest of their lives. Because of our commitment to the animals we do not adopt animals out.

2. Where do your animals come from?

We welcome animals that are in dire need of help or a home. Our first residents, Bert and Ernie, came to us through bylaw officers after they were abandoned in a garage. Boy they had made a mess!!

3. Do you breed your animals?

No, we do not permit breeding at our facility. Baby animals, although cute, would take up much needed space that we may need for other rescues.

4. How is the sanctuary funded?

We are able to help the animals because of caring people who donate to our cause. We believe that we can all change the lives of animals. Some of us are doing the groundwork, while others have our backs…. Your support means the world to us and life to the animals. We are so grateful!

5. Are you open to the public?

Typically we are not open to the public. We do open our door to sanctuary supporters and people wanting to learn about what we do. Please watch for our upcoming open house dates. See you there!

6. Where can I go to learn more?

We are thrilled to be able to offer upcoming seminars. Please watch our website for updates on topics and dates.