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There's always a lot going on around the sanctuary! 

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We have BEES!!!

Have you heard the buzz???  Pegasus has new "rescues"--2 hives of honey bees!! Special thanks to amazing Beekeeper Kathryn Wismer of Wiz Bee Honey for donating her time and resources to help us welcome the newest members of the Pegasus family! The hives have been placed in a quiet field, with lots of access to a variety of plants and flowers for our fascinating pollinators. With her expertise, Kathryn will be checking on them, and maintaining the health of the hives, but the bees will be allowed to keep their honey, and live their best lives with minimal interference. It's no secret that bees are vital to the health of the whole world--Pegasus is proud to offer our new residents a place to call home in our little corner of it! 


The bees are home!!


Check out Wiz Bee Honey for all things BEE!  

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